The best automatic lubrication systems

TLS Tecno Lubri System specializes in design and manufacture of automatic lubrication systems, devices that are absolutely necessary to all those companies operating in the industrial sector.

Established as an official dealer of the best brands in the sector, TLS Tecno Lubri System now autonomously deals with the production of its automatic lubricati

on units, also for small parts and components. Tecno Lubri System ensures excellent quality for all its systems: thanks to the TLS centralized lubrication machinery, it is possible to improve the performance of the machines, optimize the use of energy and decrease production costs.

TLS Tecno Lubri System products are designed for a wide range of sectors, from industry to agriculture, from environment protection to wind energy production.

In less than thirty years of activity, Tecno Lubri System has become a leader in the field of manufacture of industrial automatic lubrication systems, becoming a benchmark for many Italian and foreign industries.

Today, TLS is considered a veritable guarantee of quality and reliability.


Automatic lubrication – Italian quality


Automatic greasing systems

The secret of TLS Tecno Lubri System is closely linked to the utmost attention engaged in the extremely meticulous design phases, conducted by a team constantly focused on innovation and development of the products studied to meet every need, from minimal lubrication to large industrial plants.

All the technical components of our automatic lubrication systems are made directly by the company at its factory in Canegrate, in the Province of Milan, and each automatic lubrication system is rigorously tested in every part before being delivered. 

Moreover, both in the design and in the implementation phases, the level of customization is absolutely maximum.

Choosing the automatic lubrication units of TLS Tecno Lubri System means improving the quality of the lubrication, even while the machine is working, reducing wear and maintenance needs, saving time, labour and money, protecting workers from potential hazardous situations, minimizing failures, thus avoiding downtime, one of the biggest enemies of industries from all over the world.


TLS Tecno Lubri System pumps are available in seven different versions, designed to adapt perfectly to any operating environment.


TLS Tecno Lubri System dosing mechanisms are among the most compact and flexible on the market: they can feature different dosages and can be equipped with visual control systems.


TLS Tecno Lubri System fittings and pipes are designed for use at high pressure. Available with various threads and in different models, they can be white galvanized, chromed or nickel plated with ASTM certification.


Automatic lubrication systems – Italian quality