Tecno Lubri System has always stood out for the quality of its centralized lubrication systems and the wide range of products available, all different and customizable in every detail. The main feature of TLS automated lubrication systems is that they are designed to adapt to different machines operating in different sectors. Whatever the requests and needs of the customer, our company is able to fully satisfy them.

From those used in the automotive sector to those in the naval sector, from those developed for the energy sector to those for agriculture, all industrial equipment needs integrated centralized lubrication systems that allow them to work at full capacity and minimize the occurrence of failures. On the national and international market, TLS products stand for excellence: those who want the best can only turn to us.






The centralized lubrication systems of TLS Tecno Lubri System are widely used in the field of earthmoving equipment. The enormous strain these machines are subjected to, the poor environmental conditions and the harsh environments in which they operate require the installation of centralized greasing systems; actually, without them the mechanical components of the machine would suffer irreparable damage in a short time, and would force the company to suspend its daily activities.

Thanks to TLS centralized systems, all parts are lubricated at the right point all the time they are working: earthmoving machines are best preserved and their service life is prolonged.


By their nature, industrial plants use the work of machinery of all kinds for manufacturing products. The types of equipment used in industrial plants are countless and each of them has special characteristics that distinguish it from the others. Similarly, all machines have a common requirement that is to be able to work at their maximum potential: to be equipped with an centralized greasing system capable of distributing lubricant in a continuous and precise manner.


TLS Tecno Lubri System has developed industry-specific automatic lubrication units. Designed to distribute grease in every area of machinery, these systems maximize plant yield and minimize the risk of unexpected breakdowns, the main cause of the dreaded machine downtime, especially in companies with continuous production cycle.


Centralized greasing systems are of great importance in the automotive industry as installing a tailor-made lubrication system can make vehicle engine more efficient and resistant than it would be if it had to operate without lubrication. Heavy loads and long journeys greatly affect the performance of the mechanical components of the vehicles, their service life, safety and fuel consumption.


TLS Tecno Lubri System offers various types of dynamic grease lubrication systems designed specifically for the automotive world, which are able to guarantee a wide range of benefits, among which the optimization of business processes and significant economic savings stand out.






All farms will have had to face problems related to breakdowns and damage to machinery much more than once in their business. Soil composition, altitude, land size and climatic conditions are factors that have a significant impact on equipment performance and maintenance required.

TLS Tecno Lubri System manufactures centralized lubrication systems specific for the agricultural sector, designed to address the classic problems caused by these elements, and facilitate the extensive use of machines, reducing the risk of failure and unplanned maintenance.


TLS Tecno Lubri System also offers valid support to companies operating in the naval sector. From the smallest vessel to the largest cargo ships, every ship needs a good centralized lubrication units to safeguard mechanical systems and avoid sudden breakdowns that could cost companies even several million euros.

By implementing TLS products, companies in the sector have the guarantee of being able to undertake all sorts of activities without risking engine failure, overheating and other related problems or insufficient lubrication of mechanical components


One of the sectors in which the centralized lubrication systems are widely used is the wind power. The turbines used for the production of wind energy are, in fact, subject to constant mechanical stresses which, if not properly dealt with, cause early wear of the gears.

The centralized lubrication units of TLS are installed directly on the turbines so as to constantly lubricate the gears, thus reducing the risk of permanent damage to the machinery and a better tolerance of centrifugal forces and load on the components, which results in an increase in the wind energy produced.


Tecno Lubri System also works closely with companies specialized in the environment protection sector. In this section there are many different machines, both mobile and fixed, all united by the same need to support heavy work conditions: adequate lubrication of the parts.

TLS has developed several solutions for the machinery of environment protection companies, designed to ensure a constant and balanced supply of lubricant to each mechanism of the equipment.