The production of our automatic greasing systems

Founded in 1994, Tecno Lubri System has become in a few years the Italian leader in the production of automatic greasing systems and an ideal partner for all those companies that always demand impeccable performance from their production plants.

At the heart of this great success is, without any doubt, the quality of the products offered. All TLS automatic lubrication systems are made with certified materials, selected by a team of technicians based on their durability and sturdiness, essential features for products that are subject to continuous use and high wear.

Made in Italy is our strength. To ensure continuous and accurate quality control, all production is located in our headquarters in Canegrate, in the Province of Milan. TLS teams of specialists follow the manufacture of products at every stage, from design to assembly. Tests are carried out on each dosing mechanism installed on our lubrication systems.

Even the ability to customize the products in every detail has contributed to making Tecno Lubri System a veritable authority in the field. Today, our company serves companies all over the world.





Research and development

The constant commitment to creating products that boast exceptional performance has allowed the Tecno Lubri System team to design one of the best automatic lubrication systems on the market. All our greasing units are made up of aluminium pumps with very powerful motors, compact dosing mechanisms, piping able to reach every point of the machine and connecting systems that work effortlessly at both low and high pressure.

The activity of the Research and Development department of TLS does not end here. Engineers and specialized technicians working with us are focused on developing cutting-edge centralized lubrication systems that can further facilitate the daily work of customers who rely on Tecno Lubri System.

All new proposals of the Research and Development department are subject to strict quality controls aimed to ensure compliance with company’s standards.