Automatic lubrication equipment

The automatic lubrication equipment of TLS Tecno Lubri System is designed and manufactured directly by the company in every component, from pumps to dosing mechanisms, to piping and fittings, which make up every single automatic grease gun.

In all cases, the level of customization of automatic lubrication units is maximum. This allows the individual model to respond in an excellent way to the characteristics of the machine to which it is associated and also to its operational context.

The TLS Tecno Lubri System automatic lubrication equipment operates with progressive greasing system: special standard dosing systems deliver the lubricating grease consistently and this makes the production process more efficient and safe.

The centralized lubrication units of TLS Tecno Lubri System are equipped with high precision dosing systems, thanks to which the distribution of the grease is carried out on a capillary level, going to touch even those points that could never be reached with a manual procedure.


TLS Tecno Lubri System pumps are available in seven different versions, designed to adapt perfectly to any operating environment.


TLS Tecno Lubri System dosing mechanisms are among the most compact and flexible on the market: they can feature different dosages and can be equipped with visual control systems.


TLS Tecno Lubri System fittings and pipes are designed for use at high pressure. Available with various threads and in different models, they can be white galvanized, chromed or nickel plated with ASTM certification.






What is automatic lubrication?

Automatic lubrication is based on the use of special products called centralized lubrication systems. Their purpose is to autonomously lubricate the machinery on which they are installed.

Beyond the obvious aspect, namely the great convenience that these systems guarantee, this solution is largely preferable in terms of quality, compared to manual activities, since constant and uniform lubrication of motors and other components reduces the risk of breakdowns and improves performance.

In addition, the use of excellent centralized lubrication equipment ensures advantages translated into savings, both in terms of labour, time and money. Actually, automatic lubrication equipment significantly reduce maintenance requirements and allow avoiding production downtime, which is the first cause of production and economic loss for an industry.

The centralized greasing systems extend the life of your machines and improve work safety level: a careful choice is essential to benefit from all these advantages.