Pipes and connectors are very important elements in all automatic lubrication systems, and TLS Tecno Lubri System offers them in a wide selection of types and threadings.

These components are designed in order to resist really high-pressure levels and they are available in a white zinc-coated version, in a chromed one, or in an ASTM certified nickel-plated one (perfect for the food industry or highly corrosive environments).

TLS Tecno Lubri System produces two kinds of pipes: a high-pressure type and a low-pressure one. The first ones are made of Tekaflex, can tolerate levels of burst pressure included between 800 and 1000 bar, and are available in two different sizes, 8×4 millimeters, and ¼ gas.

On the other hand, the second ones are produced in Rilsan, can tolerate levels of burst pressure up to 300 bar, and are purchasable in the sizes of 4×2 and 6×3 millimeters.