Automatic lubrication

TLS Tecno Lubri System is the perfect company to turn to if you are looking for automated lubrication dispensing systems for your business. Our employees’ professionalism and long experience in this field are what allows us to create resistant and advanced products.

Automated lubrication dispensing systems: how do they work?

The automatic lubrication process is pretty simple, especially if all the components are able to function at their best. Let’s see how the grease flows from the greasing plant to the parts of the machinery that need lubrication. The grease is initially held in a tank which is connected to the pump: here an electronic and visual control system allows to always be aware of how much lubricant is left in the tank so to avoid the plant’s failure to distribute the grease. The containers come in different capacity  and they can be filled through the cap placed at the top Thanks to a pump, the grease is pushed into a pipe system which is designed to bear really high pressures. Both these elements have different sizes and powers based on which machinery the plant has to lubricate. From the pipes, the grease arrives at a dosing mechanism which can perfectly quantify how much grease the machinery needs in that exact moment to properly work. The lubricant is then pushed into the pipes that connect the greasing plant to the components of the equipment that need lubrication. The grease is distributed in a steady rhythm so to assure the perfect functioning of the machinery.

Automated lubrication dispensing systems: pros and cons

Before buying a product, even one by Tecno Lubri System, a company leader in the greasing field, it would be wise to know both its pros and cons. In this case, the only downside, if we can even consider it that, is the price of the plant which remains really competitive considering the competitors’ ones. Let’s see the pros:

  • Using an automatic plant helps the business to save time;
  • Using a centralized system means to decrease waste of lubricant;
  • It also means a safer work environment for the employees;
  • You can entirely customize the product based on your needs;
  • The TLS team is always available for pieces of advice;
  • We ship internationally;
  • We provide a very quick and professional customer care service.

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