On-road auto greasing system

With the term automotive we refer to a wide number of products, each one with its own characteristics. Among these products, there are both small cars and those enormous lorries used by trucking companies for on-road transportation of cargos or in other activities such as the ones that takes place on construction sites, for example. Given the massive quantity of work these vehicles are used for, it’s obvious that lorries need a suitable lubrication system for them to work correctly and for a long time. To be completely clear, cars need lubrication too and we often hear about their oil based lubrication mechanism, but given the significant size difference between these two types of means of transportation, trucks need a grease based one and more lubricant than cars.

TLS Tecno Lubri System is an Italian company located in Canegrate that manufactures automatic lubrication systems for lorries since 2000. Automatic lubrication for commercial vehicles is essential because it prevents waste of money in the maintenance department as well as buying new trucks every so often. Both the grease and TLS’s products are great quality ones and they help our clients to cut the cash outflow budgeted for their means of transportation.

Dynamic lubrication of the engine

Even if the engine isn’t the only component of a lorry that needs lubrication, it is essential for the smooth running of the truck. Thanks to TLS’s automatics greasing plants, we are able to supply a dynamic lubrication of the lorry so to avoid mechanical stress and overheating. This way the engine is protected from corrosion, wear, and unhealthy deposits.

The system supplies the grease while the lorry is turned on so to achieve the best possible result. The overheating won’t be the cause of a forced stop of the vehicle ever again if you use TLS’s lubrication systems. The PCL that controls the plant, which can be set by each client, allows a precise and calibrated distribution of the grease in every single point of the machinery that needs it, whilst the quality of the systems’ components, especially the quality of the materials used for their manufacturing, guarantees great sturdiness.


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