Automatic greasing systems by TLS

Industrial plants undergo constant mechanical stress that, in the long run, might compromise their functioning and the business’ productivity. An efficient solution to this problem is the installation of centralized greasing machinery that assures a constant and dynamic grease coat to the equipment and the components of the plant that need it.

TLS Tecno Lubri System is an Italian factory specialized in the production of these products. Here are created automatic lubrication systems for hydraulic hammers which are essential in the excavating and building fields. Keep reading to find out everything there is to know about centralized greasing for hammers.

Hydraulic hammers: what are they?

Hydraulic hammers, also known as hydraulic breaker hammers, are pieces of equipment built mostly to demolish and dig; they are largely used in the construction industry. In this kind of industry, the hammers used are mainly hydraulic ones and they are used to break walls or stones. They are installed on excavators to help workmen in their job.

These objects are made of two parts: a hammer, whose ignition process is initiated by a hydraulic force, and a chisel, which is moved by the hammer. The pressure of the water and the large dimension of this equipment allow it to demolish even road surfaces.

Automatic lubrication for hydraulic hammers: why is it so important?

The stress hydraulic hammers undergo every day makes it necessary that a constant grease coat gets spread on each mechanism so to prevent them from overheating and wear out. A steady flux of lubricant, in fact, it’s key to letting all the parts of a machinery keep running without being affected by the friction caused by rubbing against themselves.

TLS’s products are designed to prevent that the usage of the equipment leads to a maintenance intervention for it to be fixed or replaced: the total customization of pumps, dosing mechanisms, pipes and junctions allowed by our company helps the creation of an ad hoc product, ideal for permitting the best and constant performance of the hydraulic hammer.

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