Automatic lubrication systems

What is every businessman’s biggest wish if not to cut the cost of machinery maintenance? We’re not talking about putting at risk the workers’ safety or hoping that the equipment will last forever without ever needing some sort of assistance, but we’re talking about investing some money to buy great quality automatic lubricators that provide the right quantity of grease every time it is needed to the equipment so to drastically decrease the possibility of serious damages to any component of the machinery.

TLS Tecno Lubri System is a worldwide known factory located in Canegrate (MI), which is specialized in the production of centralized lubrication systems that can be used in any work environment. Whether you work in the automotive field or in the production of wind power one, whether you use operating machinery of any sort or you work in the industrial sector in general, using an automatic lubricator designed by TLS means having a trusty ally on which you can always count while doing your job.

Refillable automatic grease lubricator

TLS Tecno Lubri System has always aimed to provide the best products to its clients. For this specific reason, the company manufactures totally customizable lubrication systems, both the departments concerning the engine displacement department and the materials used for building the machinery.

One of the main focuses of the company is to create products that are really easy to use and that perform greatly. The outcomes of this never-ending technological progress are refillable automatic grease lubricators in which the pumps attached to the tank are provided with a top loading cup and visual control systems. We offer many different models, from the onboard ones, such as the TP2, to the ones created for industrial plants like the TP3 Industrial. That’s not all, we also have pumps for big or small operating machinery and wind power production plants.

The other components of the greasing systems

TLS’s lubrication systems also come with dosing mechanisms as well as pipes that bear really high-pressure levels. An entirely programmable PLC manages the activity of the machinery.

All the materials used in the production of the centralized lubrication systems by TLS are top-quality and provided with national and international certifications, which show the excellent status of the products.

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