Centralized greasing

The greasing of a machinery is fundamental to preventing damages to its mechanisms and the internal parts caused by friction, or their wear during its functioning. This activity can be done manually or by an automatic system build ad hoc for a specific plant.

TLS Tecno Lubri System is an Italian firm located in Canegrate, near Milan, that produces centralized greasing systems for mechanical components which can be used in many different sectors such as the Automotive one, the earthmoving field, and the building one in general.

Automatic greasing: the secret of our success

As we’ve already seen, TLS Tecno Lubri System’s products are automatic which means they are controlled by a programmed control unit. They can be bought in many variants, each one perfect for a specific environment but they can be further customized by choosing the materials, the capacity of the tank, the power of the engine, and so on.

Each of our automatic lubricators is build following the norms imposed by national and international laws, so to assure the clients from all over the world the benefits coming from the many advantages that this kind of equipment offers.

Our main secret, other than the quality of the products and the attention put into their production, lies in PLCs, the control units that set the amount of grease intended for each part of the machinery. They can be programmed so to allow every plant to change the quantity of lubricant based on the production volume or its use.

Grease lubrication: the reasons why you should consider it

Why choose the automatic grease lubrication rather than the other options available on the market? Simply because it’s way more functioning, convenient, and safe. Centralized lubrication systems do their job faster than greasing manually, they are more precise, and they don’t put in danger employees’ safety.

Thanks to automatic plants for the distribution of grease, all the parts of a machinery that need lubrication will get just the right amount of it in a steady measure. This assures the life of the equipment to last significantly longer: invest in a lubrication system by TLS means reducing a lot the outflow of money estimated for maintenance or equipment replacement in a firm each year.


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