Automatic lubrication plants

It is online the new website of TLS Tecno Lubri System, a famous and appreciated entity in the field of centralized lubrication systems, both in Milan and in the rest of world. The company, located in Canegrate, has been known since its establishment in 1994 for the quality of the products in its catalogue, for the speed of the deliveries of placed orders and for its willingness in the customization process for each purchase so to meet each client’s needs.

Centralized lubrication systems Milan: the components of the system

TLS Tecno Lubri System builds complete automatic lubrication systems. In our factory, we create pumps, dosing mechanism and the pipes that connect the different tanks.

The pumps are essential elements when it comes to a uniform distribution of grease and the firm has designed seven models, each one ideal for diverse work environments. The materials that we use for their production are extremely durable and resistant. That helps preventing damages and the stopping of our customers’ productive cycle.

As for the dosing mechanisms, the business builds compact ones that have different engine displacements (030, 075, 110 and 165). Moreover, they are equipped with visual, electronic, and pressure supervision tools which make it easy to intervene when needed. Pipes and junctions come in different variants and threadings too. They are made to resist the extremely high pressure which can be found in that kind of machinery.

Centralized lubrication systems Milan: the industrial fields

One of the sectors in which the centralized lubrication systems are used more commonly is the Automotive one. It’s essential that every part of a lorry or industrial vehicles is well oiled up while being used. With TLS Tecno Lubri System’s products, the lubrication process is dynamic and that allows the engine not to jam and give better performances.

However, a well-lubricated machinery is necessary for every industrial field. In order to guarantee a top level production process to our clients, our technicians are available for customer assistance during the opening hours.

To know more about the products and the services offered contact the company, please.


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