Top quality centralized lubricators

Whether your company manufactures products or it sells services, what really matters is that the process runs smoothly. Stopping the production or not being able to complete a job commissioned by a client does not represent only a loss of money but also a loss in credibility in front of the people who trusted you enough to buy your goods.

Sure, the reasons that can cause a dramatic situation as the one we’ve just portrayed are many and various but most of the time they’re easily avoidable. For example, if the interruption of the working process is caused by a damaged piece of equipment, TLS Tecno Lubri System has the perfect solution to avoid something similar to happen in the future. In fact, since 1994 our company manufactures centralized lubricators that we sell both on a national and an international scale.

Our catalog is full of amazing products, each one created to perform brilliantly in different environments or with diverse machinery. People who turn to TLS Tecno Lubri System for a lubrication system know that it’s their best chance to find the perfect solution for their business. Time has come for companies to stop paying for expensive maintenance services and the only way to really do it is buying top quality centralized lubricators such as the TLS Tecno Lubri System’s ones.

How does a centralized lubricator work?

Centralized lubrication systems by TLS Tecno Lubri System use grease as a lubricant. This substance is way thicker than oil and this trait represents one of the main reasons why it is the perfect lubricant for industrial equipment of any size. Sure enough, most of our clients work in the automotive sector or in the industry field.

We refer to Tecno Lubri System’s centralized lubricators as such, because they are controlled by a programmable PLC that is able to regulate its functioning and switching off. Our clients can easily set it up as they please, so to establish the perfect rhythm of the machinery and the right amount of grease to release at each interval.

The PLC sends its signals to a pump which picks up the grease and sends it to the dosing mechanism. From there, the lubricant is sent to its final destination. Each component of this complex equipment is linked to the other through sturdy pipes made of Rilsan or Tekaflex.

The greasing process assures an extremely uniform coverage and more safety to the workmen who won’t have to worry anymore since the machinery takes care of greasing each and every crevice of a plant, even the more dangerous to reach by traditional means.

Centralized lubrication system: TLS’s products

One of the many reasons why we are so proud of our company is that we allow our clients to customize their products as they please. There is no such as a standard lubrication machinery when it comes to Tecno Lubri System’s goods: who buys items from us can select each component of the lubricator, from the capacity of the grease tank to the engine displacement of the dosing mechanism.

Our products are extremely practical and operational, exactly what you need to preserve high production standards and keep up with delivering time. The materials chosen to manufacture our systems are selected for their sturdiness and long-lasting quality.

Moreover, TLS Tecno Lubri System provides an amazing customer service and we intervene promptly whenever necessary.

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