Control units for lubrication systems

Automatic lubrication systems are the key that allows industrial machinery, being it large or small, to function properly even without much effort from the employees who have the simple job to supervise its work, following the instructions and warnings of the equipment when needed.

The user-friendliness of these products, and therefore the need of way fewer workmen, is made possible only because of the control units that can be set up accordingly to the needs of each company. Let’s find out more about this kind of products.

Control units for automatic greasing plants: what do they do?

As we already said, the control units installed on greasing plants help the employees of a specific firm department to do their job more easily and in a more precise way but what is it that the control units do and how do they work?

To answer the first question, control units are necessary to regulate the work of the other parts that make up the whole lubrication system (pumps, pipes and dosing mechanisms), setting the right quantity of grease that has to be given to a specific machinery.

In regards to the second question, the settings of the computerized system are chosen by each client once the product arrives at their headquarters. Each centralized system (which is called that way because of the control unit that regulates its activity) is installed by TLS Tecno Lubri System’s workmen on the lubrication system, and the finished product is then shipped to the client who can customize its setting as they please. This characteristic makes TLS’s products extremely high-performance.

Control units for automatic greasing plants: buy TLS’s products

Through the years, TLS has gained the reputation of producing safe and innovative products for the automatic greasing world. This is particularly true when it comes to control units, the component that runs the operation of the whole system. In fact, to build this element our company uses only super resistant and high-quality pieces which guarantee unique autonomy and durability.

Moreover, TLS Tecno Lubri Systems allows each client to 100% customize their purchase, even when it comes to the control unit. The setting mechanism installed on the plant is easily understandable but above all it’s reliable: thanks to the alarms that signal sudden stops or changes in the level of grease or pressure, the employees are able to solve any problem as soon as it arises.

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