TLS controlled grease lubrication systems

The problem of lubrication has always required continuous interventions. In the beginning, we were used to intervening manually to lubricate gears and to ensure the correct operation of machinery.

Subsequently, various types of greasers were used, often with negative repercussions on the environment and not always giving the desired results. Proper lubrication preserves the machines from wear, reducing the risk of breakdowns and, at the same time, improving the performance of the devices.

Since 2000 TLS Tecno Lubri System produces automatic greasing systems dedicated to the most varied contexts. Also, all TLS plants are of excellent quality and belong to the best brands in the sector. Guaranteeing quality products has always been the primary objective of our company, and today we can boast of having obtained essential industrial certifications, such as the EEC and the TUV.

TLS produces high-quality automatic greasing systems for different sectors

TLS produces controlled grease lubrication systems for different sectors, and all its products are designed for different types of machinery. TLS automatic greasing systems are used not only in the automotive industry but also in the naval, the agricultural and the wind ones. Furthermore, TLS has also developed solutions for companies operating in the ecology sector, guarantying a constant and balanced supply of lubricant to each mechanism of the vehicle.

In a few years, our company has earned the title of Italian leader in the production of controlled grease lubrication systems, and we represent the ideal partner for all those companies that always demand impeccable performance from their production plants. Our team of professional technicians chooses only certified and durable materials to build our products. Moreover, our lubrication plants are made in our headquarters in Canegrate, in the province of Milano. Our specialists follow the manufacturing process in every phase, from the design to the assembly. Each product is treated and customized down to the smallest details, and we also provide acceptance tests on each distributor mounted on our greasing systems. This way, we can guarantee the best to our client companies based all over the world.

Discover the products of TLS, a renowned manufacturer of automatic greasing systems in the area of Milano

TLS designs and produces customizable automated greasing systems. Every single component of our automatic greasing systems is treated in detail, from pumps to distributors, to pipes and fittings. The TLS pumps come in seven versions, each designed to be able to adapt better to any working environment. The distributors of TLS’s controlled grease lubrication systems are among the most compact and flexible on the market, while the fittings and pipes we produce are designed to undergo both low and high pressure. Find out more about all the products of TLS, a manufacturer of controlled lubrication systems in the province of Milan.

An impeccable assistance service by TLS Tecno Lubri System

Our manufacturer of greasing systems in the Metropolitan City of Milan has started excellent partnerships with specialized centres for automatic greasing spread throughout the national territory. Therefore we can provide an efficient and timely assistance service for all our customers. As a result, we make use of competent professionals who ensure rapid and efficient interventions in every part of Italy. The closest TLS team processes every assistance request, allowing us to intervene in the shortest time and helping customers to keep the production plant working.

In addition to the timeliness of our interventions, TLS also demonstrates its reliability by the transparency of action and quality of repairs using only original spare parts covered by a 24-month warranty. If you want to learn more, click here.

TLS is the ideal company for those looking for automatic greasing systems for centralized lubrication. Contact us now for more information on our products. We are here to be fully available!