Centralized lubrication

Automatic lubrication systems are tools that allow the centralized greasing of every kind of machinery. TLS Tecno Lubri System is a company that builds this type of products. They come complete with pumps, pipes, and dosing mechanisms. They are tested before they are shipped to the buyer, they are built following all the international and Italian norms and they are entirely customizable so that each client can get what they really need. Let’s find out what TLS Tecno Lubri System has to offer and what kind of dosing mechanisms are in our catalogue.

Dosing mechanisms for automatic lubrication systems: characteristics

Dosing mechanisms for grease lubricant built in TLS headquarters have peculiar characteristics that make them one of the most appreciated product on a national and international scale. As you will find out soon, they can be personalized.

First of all, the compactness of these products should be mentioned as it allows them to be installed on board of every type of machinery. Thanks to the dynamic lubrication granted, the industrial equipment can be greased in a steady rhythm and the engine and the mechanisms keep working smoothly.

Dosing mechanisms for automatic lubrication systems: small but yet important details

Among the characteristics of the products listed in the catalogue that clients seem to appreciate the most and that more often convince them to buy TLS Tecno Lubri System’s devices, there are the highly technological control systems installed on them (they can be both visual or electronic variants). They assure the buyer the perfect functioning of the machinery since they are able to detect immediately any pressure or lubricant level problems.

Other factors that should not be ignored are the possibility of choosing their engine displacements based on how much grease the machinery of the company needs (there are available 030, 075, 110 e 165 variants) and the opportunity of picking out the material for the structure of the lubrication system. This is fundamental to those businesses that work with food or highly corrosive substances, because they have to be manufactured following the ASTM protocol.

TLS Tecno Lubri System’s products are super technological and they are rightly considered the lubrication plants of the future. Choose yours now and beat your competitors.


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