Automatic lubrication

TLS Tecno Lubri System is a real authority on an international scale when it comes to the automatic greasing sector, and its products are used in many different industrial fields. A good lubrication, in fact, is the key to keep any machinery in good conditions and to ensure that they will last for a long time.

The factory, located in Canegrate, builds centralized plants for earth-moving machinery lubrication, a sector that is well-developed in Italy as well as in other foreign countries. The large machinery used in this field needs special tools to provide grease in a steady rhythm so to prevent dangerous incidents like the over-heating of the engine, for example.

Earth-moving machinery lubrication systems: TLS’s products

One of the main reasons why clients come to us in the first place and keep coming back is the great freedom they have to order a product that is entirely customized to their needs. Earth-moving machinery, as it can be expected, doesn’t come in just one model and based on its dimension and the use more or less intensive requires different greasing systems.

For standard operating machinery (in this category falls the most common earth-moving equipment) we suggest to buy a greasing plant with a TP1 pump: the motor can be a 12 or 24 Volt one, the tank comes in three different materials, and it can be accessorized with many interesting and really useful gadgets such as a pressure level control system or one that supervises the grease level left in the pump.

For smaller equipment used in the construction field, a client can select the lubrication system with an LP2 pump. This one shares many characteristics with the TP1 pump, the main difference lies in the capacity of the tank: in fact, the biggest one, in this case, can hold up to 2,7 Kg which is a really small quantity if we compare it with the 10 Kg limit of the TP1 biggest tank.

The pipes and the dosing mechanisms are chosen based on the type of pump that our client selects.

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