Lubrication systems for engines

On industrial equipment, engines need to bear incredible working loads and rhythms, and in order to guarantee their functioning and the production of the entire plant or firm, they need to be constantly lubricated.

TLS Tecno Lubri System is an Italian company located in Canegrate (MI) and renowned all over the world thanks to its lubrication systems for engines. Our company is internationally celebrated as one of the few in the field that is able to offer its many clients completely customized centralized lubrication systems.

Our clients are both local businesses and multinational corporations that know how important it is to invest on guaranteed and high-quality lubrication systems in order to boost the productivity, expand their clientele, and significantly lower maintenance costs.

Lubrication systems for engines: how do they work?

The basics of the lubrication of an industrial engine are exactly the same to any other type of lubrication, the only difference is in its larger scale. The automatic systems that regulate these plants, in fact, need to be able to manage a continuous and well-calibrated administration of grease, so to avoid unpleasant overheating or other serious damages to the machinery. In the sections below we explain how these systems work.

In every kind of plant, we can achieve a perfectly calibrated grease distribution thanks to control units that can be set up taking into consideration each client’s need. These fundamental components regulate the work of the machine in its entirety: a pump pushes the grease from a tank to the distributor thanks to an engine and a pipe system, then a distribution mechanism delivers the grease everywhere it is needed through a different pipe system.

In TLS lubrication systems, every component is created following the purchaser’s specific requests in order to guarantee the perfect match to the rest of their equipment.

TLS ensure a continuous and dynamic lubrication of every industrial engine; if you are looking into purchasing automatic lubrication systems for engines, contact us, we will be pleased to help you.


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