Lubrication systems for industrial machinery

TLS  Tecno Lubri System has been manufacturing lubrication systems for industrial machinery for almost 25 years. Our factory is located in northern Italy and in our headquarters we produce really unique greasing plants: they all are entirely customizable and they are provided with an automated lubrication system which can supply grease to every part of a machine at any given time, thanks to the dynamic lubrication mechanism we created a few years ago.

TLS Tecno Lubri System’s products are really loved by our clients and that kind of esteem is the reason why we’ve been able to expand our market; right now we work in 17 different countries! Moreover, our clients can count on an extremely prompt customer care service, always ready to solve any problem that might arise.

Lubrication systems for industrial equipment: the products

The chance to customize each product that TLS Tecno Lubri System offers to its clients concern every aspect of the lubrication system, from the PLC to the pumps, from the dosing mechanism to the pipes. Buyers can submit their requests and our team will create ad hoc greasing plants that will help the clients to cut the maintenance costs and increase the productivity of their business.

For what concerns the PLC, the one chosen by TLS Tecno Lubri System to supervise the whole greasing process is extremely advanced and it can be set by the buyers as they please. Once the lubrication system is installed, our clients will be able to set the rhythm of distribution of the grease and the quantity needed for each part of the industrial plant.

Speaking of pumps, in TLS Tecno Lubri System’s catalog there are more than 5 different variants, each one designed for a specific use. Our team designed the TP35 Heavy Industrial specifically to satisfy the needs of bigger equipment.

The dosing mechanisms available have different engine displacements (030, 075, 110 and 165) so to easily endure rhythms of the plant. They can also be personalized with special gadgets. Last but not least, pipe systems can be customized too by choosing among different materials (the most requested are Rilsan and Tekaflex).

In conclusion, all lubrication systems for industrial plants manufactured by TLS will match perfectly the machinery installed in your companies.

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