Automatic lubrication systems

TLS Tecno Lubri System is a company known on a worldwide scale because of the quality of its automatic lubrication systems for industrial plants. Who buys from TLS knows they can entirely customize their purchase and that our products are always able to supply the right amount of grease to every single component of the machinery that needs it. This allows to extend the lifetime of the equipment and to guarantee better productive performances to our clients.

Lubrication systems for industrial plants: how does it work and why it is important

TLS Tecno Lubri System created an extraordinary lubrication system for greasing industrial plants that is able always to provide the perfect quantity of lubricant to the many different parts that need to be greased while a machinery is turned on. The core of this great system is the PLC, an automated component that controls the whole greasing process by sending impulses to each part of the system. The PLC is set up by the client.

The CPU controls a structure made of pumps and pipes that delivers the grease to a dosing mechanism: here the lubricant is pushed into other pipes that, this time, deliver the substance to the components of the industrial plant that need to be greased such as the engine, suspensions, and gears.

Buying great quality lubrication systems for industrial plants means lowering the maintenance costs, increasing the pace of production, lowering the risk of a sudden stop to the production because of machinery breakdown, and also lowering the cash outflow. The best decision you can make being an industrial plan owner is to buy a TLS’s automatic lubrication system.

Lubrication systems for industrial plants: the products

Who chooses TLS Tecno Lubri System knows they can count on the best quality products in the centralized lubrication sector. Let’s take a look at the components of the systems so to learn more about them.

Starting from the pumps, TLS manufactures many models, each one built to guarantee great performances in different work environments. There are the TP1 pumps, perfect for operating machinery; the TP2, ideal for equipment that requires an on-board lubrication system or the TP1 Eolo for wind power plants, for example. TLS has six different pumps and each one can have a customized tank and engine.

As for the pipes, we use Tekaflex and Rilsan, two really sturdy materials that can bear different levels of pressure and differ in their flexibility properties. Last but not least, we offer our clients several models of dosing mechanisms each one characterized by different gadgets and engine displacements, based on the way their purpose.


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