Centralized lubrication

Every firm that wants to increase its production rates and greatly reduce the number of maintenance services on its machinery needs one of these items. No matter how big your plant is things won’t change: whether you run a family business or a multinational corporation, your equipment cannot properly function without them. What are we talking about, you may ask? TLS Tecno Lubri System‘s lubrication systems, of course!

The company, whose headquarters are in Canegrate (near Milan), is one of the most renowned ones that produce lubrication systems. Started as a little family-run business we got bigger and bigger and now we are known almost everywhere around the globe; our products are used even in the U.S.A. and in China!

Let’s see the reasons behind this great international success.

Lubrication systems: how they are made and how do they work

In order to market only sturdy and long-lasting items, TLS Tecno Lubri System’s lubrication systems are made of top-quality materials. The actual key to our company’s success – what our clients appreciate the most about us – though, is the chance we give them to customize each product according to their needs.

Every lubrication system has a tank that contains the grease, available in different capacities and treated with special substances to guarantee that it stays in perfect condition for many years, and a pump, which is the element that collects the grease and pushes it into the dosing mechanism of the machinery.

The distribution is centralized and the distributor is connected to the areas in need of greasing through a series of pipes made either of Rilsan or Tekaflex. Our distributors are appreciated for their compact size and the different kinds of engine displacements available; on the other hand, the pipes are loved for their flexibility and durability.

Moreover, the entire process is regulated by a PLC, programmable according to the client’s needs. By its means, it is possible to determine the quantity of grease to distribute to the different areas and the frequency of release.

Clients can get access to other types of customizations; it is possible, indeed, to have installed visual control systems, to treat the materials so to make them apt to work with chemicals and food or to request the installation of a pressure level control system.

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