Products for the agricultural field

TLS Tecno Lubri System is a company located in Canegrate, near Milan, that is specialized in the production of automatic lubrication systems. In our headquarters we design, manufacture and sell centralized greasing lubrication plants.

Our products guarantee overall great performances, they are built using only top-quality materials and use the most innovative technologies available on the market. What does all this mean for a business? Lower rates of time and energy waste, cutting down the cost of machinery maintenance and an increase in the production rate, which translate in more revenue.

The greasing lubrication systems by TLS Tecno Lubri System are the perfect solution for all those companies that operate in the agricultural sector. Agricultural equipment needs, in fact, a lot of attention when it comes to the lubrication of all of their components because if not lubricated properly the parts undergo a quick wear and tear process.

Based on which type of agricultural machinery one uses, TLS Tecno Lubri System offers different kinds of lubrication plants. Pumps, dosing mechanisms, pipes and junctions are available in many different variants.

In particular, those who are looking for the perfect pump for an agricultural machinery should take a look at those manufactured in our factory. In order to keep the equipment as light and functional as possible, we suggest the LP2 pump, created for small operating machinery.

The product is compact and can be installed on board the machinery. The grease tank, which has a quick refilling system, is made of shock absorbing transparent polycarbonate, aluminium or steel and can contain 1,5, 1,8, 2,2 or 2,7 Kg; the clients can also choose between a 12 or 24 Volt DC. Moreover, customers can ask for the pump to be customized with up to 3 pumping pistons, whose safety pressure is 300 bar. Last but not least, the pump is controlled by a top quality PLC, which also has security alarms.

When contacting TLS Tecno Lubri System, clients can select their pump with the help of our team so to pick the one that fits their needs perfectly. They will also be able to select some other characteristics the entire system will have such ad the engine displacement or the material used to create the pipes.

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