Pumps for greasing plants

An automatic greasing plant is a fundamental piece of machinery when it comes to the impeccable functioning of many pieces of industrial equipment used by a business, whichever is their field of specialization.

TLS Tecno Lubri System, a factory located near Milan, is specialized in the production of this kind of products. In its headquarters situated in Canegrate, in fact, pipes, junctions, dosing mechanisms and pumps for automatic lubrication systems are created every day. Let’s see in more details which are the characteristics of the latter and which are the advantages for the companies that use them.

Pumps for automatic lubrication systems: the characteristics

TLS Tecno Lubri System builds many different variants of pumps, each one thought for a specific work environment but all produced in compliance with laws and using only the best technologies available on the market. In addition to the standard accessories, each pump can be customized with special gadgets, as alarms and visual or electronic control systems that regulate the pressure and the level of grease left in the machinery.

These pumps, which can have bigger or smaller tanks based on their use, are built with great quality and resistant materials as, for example, aluminum.

Also, to guarantee maximum ease in the use of this kind of equipment they have a quick refilling cap situated on the top of the pump (this means not having to shut down the machinery to add more grease to it), and a PLC which assures a computerizable and excellent control of every activity.

Among the most sold pumps in our catalogue people can find the TP2 one, perfect for industrial hammers which need constant lubrication and an onboard system, the TP1 pump, designed for small plants, and the TP35 Heavy Industrial ideal, as the name suggests, for machinery that requires a massive quantity of grease in order to work properly.

Pumps for automatic lubrication systems: the reason why you should choose TLS

TLS Tecno Lubri System is a super advanced company in the centralized greasing field and it is always ready to invest time and resources in the production of highly technological systems. Our clients have always been very pleased with the resistance, durability, and customization of every product.

Book an appointment with one of our specialists, ask for an estimate, and join the many people satisfied with the quality and efficiency of TLS’s products.


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