Rilsan pipes for lubrication systems

Since its establishment in 1994, TLS Tecno Lubri System has used only the best quality materials for manufacturing its automatic lubrication systems. Along with the clients’ chance of customizing each product according to their needs, this factor is what made us so popular on a worldwide scale.

TLS Tecno Lubri System’s production concerns each component of a lubrication machinery, from the tank that contains the grease to the pipes that join the dosing system to areas in need of lubrication. Speaking of pipes, clients can choose between Rilsan pipes or Tekaflex pipes for their greasing equipment. Let’s find out more about Rilsan pipes.

Rilsan pipes: characteristics of the material

Resistant to most chemical substances, tough and almost impossible to corrode, it is easy to understand why TLS Tecno Lubri System uses this substance for the production of the pipes destined to our lubrication systems.

Rilsan is the trading name of a polyamide of the Nylon family of polymers. The material is produced mixing castor beans and the polymerization of 11-amino undecanoic acid; it’s a bioplastic. Under normal circumstances, Rilsan is a fine powder that is well known in many different industry sectors for its long-lasting quality and thermoplastic characteristics.

Our pipes are manufactured either by using Rilsan as an additive during the production process of the pipes or as a coating material for generic plastic pipes.

Abrasion, corrosion and extreme weather conditions are no longer a problem for our clients: Rilsan makes our pipes almost indestructible. In particular, TLS Tecno Lubri System uses Rilsan pipes to manufacture machinery that has to endure low-pressure levels because they can bear burst pressure levels up to 300 bar. They’re available in two sizes: 4×2 mm or 6×3 mm.

To learn more about TLS Tecno Lubri System’s Rilsan pipes, contact us.


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