TLS TecnoLubriSystem took part in the 30th SaMoTer, an international earthmoving and building machinery exhibition that took place in Verona from the 22nd to the 25th of February 2017. The convention took place at the Verona exhibition fairground, the perfect place to host the preview of new models and to showcase the best offers that are now available on the market. Our company displayed its automatic greasing systems, ideal to guarantee efficient performances by every kind of industrial machinery.

What is SaMoTer?

SaMoTer was founded more than fifty years ago, in 1964, when the need of having an exhibition ground dedicated to earthmoving and building machinery, one of the most booming sectors at the time in Italy, got more urgent than ever. The necessity of comparison and discussion with the competitors and the need of having an appointment in which showcase each firm’s products to the world and to always be informed on the new technologies available are the three main factors that made this event possible.

In 1971 SaMoTer joins the other members of UFI – Union des Foires Internationales- an international organization that gathers the most known organizers of leading international exhibitions. In 1993 it becomes one of the European trade fairs sponsored by CECE.

SaMoTer is the place that allows the market of earthmoving and building machinery to keep growing and every firm that takes part in this convention contributes to that goal just by making available to other companies the most brilliant ideas that made them a well-known entity in their field.

Being there means be the best

Only the most worthy firms whose activity is related to the earth-moving and building sector are able to take part to the SaMoTer exhibition. TLS TecnoLubriSystem, with its many years of experience, earned its place in the convention and the opportunity to showcase the quality of its products and how they could easily simplify many workers’ lives, increase the production and enhance the performances of the machinery.

However, TLS TecnoLubriSystem’s clients appreciate the company not only for the great help provided under the productive aspect but also because of the attention it puts in the customer service and in the customization of the orders. Specialized technicians are always available for an intervention during the opening hours of the factory and our experts try their best to meet all clients’ needs designing ad hoc equipment.


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