A lubrication system is a machinery that helps industrial plants to work smoothly and prevents them from undergoing a quick tearing process. Thanks to the lubrication system, in fact, each component of a plant can work without overheating or wear out, for example, therefore businesses do not have to fear sudden halts in the production or unexpected maintenance activities which usually translate in a substantial loss of money for the firms.

Automatic lubrication systems, however, aren’t all the same and so picking the perfect fit for each plant is really important. TLS Tecno Lubri System, one of the most renowned companies in the field according to Technavio, manufactures centralized greasing plants for those industries that work in the automotive, naval, wind power production and earth-moving fields.

While picking out their lubrication system, clients have to consider some fundamental aspects. Among these factors the most important are:

  • the customization of the plant
  • the customer service
  • the quality of the materials used for the manufacturing of the product
  • the technology

TLS Tecno Lubri System can proudly state that our firm offers a great service in each of these areas.

For what concerns the customizations of the plants, our company let the clients pick each part of their machinery in order to build their perfect lubrication system. There is a wide selection of pumps, dosing mechanisms, pipes and junctions available for the customers to choose from. For operating machinery, we suggest the TP1 Pump, for example, whilst to those who work with hydraulic hammers we recommend the TP2 Pump. Moreover, each dosing mechanism has a different engine displacement (030, 075, 110 e 165). Last but not least, pipes and junction can be made out of Rilsan or Tekaflex.

The materials used for the manufacturing of the plants are treated so to lengthen their life span. For example, clients can pick among three different variants when it comes to dosing mechanisms: the white zinc-coated version, the chromed one, or the ASTM certified nickel-plated one. As we said before, we offer two variants of pipes and junctions, the Rilsan one and the Tekaflex one; both of those materials are known all over the world for their sturdiness and long-lasting quality.

Moreover, all our plants are designed by professionals that use only the best technology available on the market so as to guarantee all customers great performances from their plants.

Lastly, no matter where the client is in the world, TLS Tecno Lubri System offers a prompt customer care service. If experiencing a problem with their plants, customers can get in touch with the TLS team at any time and we’ll get to them as quick as possible.

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