Lubrication systems by TLS Tecno Lubri System

To a business, it is fundamental reduce any type of waste, especially when it comes to money. TLS Tecno Lubri System has created a series of lubrication systems that, when installed, allows companies to save a lot on maintenance work and on the replacing of machinery. Investing on our grease based automatic lubrication systems, both the production plants and the equipment always get the right quantity of lubricant needed for them to work smoothly and without glitches.

Every kind of greasing machinery by TLS Tecno Lubri System is loved by buyers all over the world and that’s why we ship them everywhere: from Europe to Asia, and even America, very different businesses have decided to buy our products so to increase the quality of theirs.

Grease-based lubrication: the products

TLS Tecno Lubri System is an Italian company that builds automatic grease plants complete with every component. Beyond the convenience of eliminating the manual greasing process, which is a really dangerous and time-consuming activity, our clients can count on the fact that our products can be used as soon as they are delivered.

In our catalogue, people can find many different models of centralized greasing systems that can also be customized as the clients please. For example, the pumps come with various engines and accessories, while pipes can be made with different materials, some even with the ASTM certification.

These tools are perfect for the Automotive field and the industry in general: in fact, there are versions extremely compact, ideal to be installed on board of machinery, and models that work perfectly in difficult environments or with low electricity.

Customer care

Clients appreciate TLS TecnoLubriSystem not only for the quality of the products that it builds but also for its customer care service. Contacting the firm for any problem related to your automatic lubrication systems you can ask for an intervention by our skilled team of specialized workmen that will solve any issue in no time, so you will be able to carry on with your work.

To learn more about the products or the customer care service visit our website or contact us.


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