Grease lubrication plants: what are they?

 A grease lubrication plant is a machinery that allows the greasing of every mechanical part of an industrial product. This equipment is mainly used on industrial machinery that requires the presence of lubricant so not to undermine the production process of a company.

TLS Tecno Lubri System is an Italian producer of grease plants and it exports its products all over the world. These lubrication systems are extremely versatile and that makes them perfect to be used in many different industrial fields, from the Automotive sector to the wind power production one, from the naval one to the industry in general. All the centralized systems that we build can be personalized so to allow every client to buy the ideal one for their business. 

Grease lubrication plants: how do they work?

Automatic lubrication systems by TLS are made of pumps, dosing mechanisms for the greasing distribution, pipes, and junctions. Each component is built to assure the efficiency and functionality of the machinery.

The pumps, the parts designed to pick up the grease from the tank, comes  in many different models: they come with diverse power engines and a great variety of tanks with different capacity (this is selected based on each company’s needs). Moreover, these elements have built-in control systems that are both visual and electronic; they allow the employees to observe the quantity of grease left in the product and the line pressure.

The dosing mechanisms are the parts that distribute the grease in the set quantity. Highly technological systems are used to determine the flow rate of the grease that has to be used when a machinery is turned on. One of TLS’s dosing mechanisms main characteristics is their compactness which allows them to be used in every environment.

Lastly, pipes and junctions, as essential to the functioning of the equipment as the other parts, carry the grease from the pump to the dosing mechanism and then where it is needed. 

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