Tecno Lubri System and refillable automatic grease lubricators

In an industrial plant, one important component that should never be missing on operating machinery is an automatic greasing system that supplies lubricant when necessary. TLS Tecno Lubri System manufactures centralized lubrication plants since 1994 that are fully equipped and can be controlled by a PLC according to the needs of each client: there will be no more waste of lubricant and damages to the equipment because TLS’s products are great allies of your business!

TLS Tecno Lubri System’s automatic lubrication systems are manufactured following our clients’ requests (they are customizable in each and every part) and using the best materials available on the market so to be usable for many years. The optionals, always picked by clients, make the use of the plant even quicker and easier. Among this very useful gadgets, there are visual control systems and loadable tanks that make our refillable automatic grease lubricator essential for every company.

Refillable automatic grease lubricator with grease control filter

All of TLS Tecno Lubri System’s refillable automatic grease lubricators are produced to grant a speedy and easy use to those in charge of it. Let’s see which are the main characteristics of the tanks that contain the grease, those that make the lubrication system easily refillable.

  • Transparent tanks: the tanks that hold the lubricant are made of a wonderful material that can’t become opaque. The workmen will always be able to see the level of grease and refill the tank when needed;
  • Filter for the grease loading: positioned on the lower part of the tank, the filter for the grease loading is compatible with the injection of lubricant. This assures cleanliness, zero waste, and quick interventions;
  • The cap for grease refilling: another way to refill the tank is the cap positioned on the upper part of the block. When open, it is possible to add the needed quantity of grease really fast;
  • Visual control system: TLS Tecno Lubri System designs extremely up to date optionals, among them there is a visual control system that helps to control the grease level. Workmen get notified every time the lubricant level decreases too much.

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