What is grease lubrication and what are the best systems available on the market by TLS

Grease lubrication is essential to preserve the performance of machinery through the greasing of mechanical components. Automatic lubrication is based on the use of special systems called centralized lubrication systems whose purpose is to autonomously provide for the greasing of the machinery on which they are installed. Constant and uniform grease lubrication of motors and other components reduces the risk of breakdowns and improves the performance of the machines, leading to a consequent economic saving. The automatic lubrication systems, in fact, significantly reduce the need for maintenance and extend the life of the machinery.

TLS Tecno Lubri System, a company based near Milano, designs automated lubrication systems for different machines, used in many sectors, such as the automotive, naval, and agricultural ones. Furthermore, TLS centralized lubrication systems are employed in turbines used for the production of wind energy and to improve the performance of the machinery of ecological companies.

TLS grease lubrication systems, an all-Italian excellence

TLS Tecno Lubri System, an Italian company based in Canegrate, a small town near Milano, has always stood out both in Italy and in the rest of the world thanks to the good quality of its centralized grease lubrication systems and the wide range of offerings available, all different and customizable in every detail. Due to its large and varied catalogue, TLS is always able to satisfy any type of request. In addition, all TLS automatic greasing systems are only made with certified and top quality materials, selected by a team of specialized technicians who verify their durability and sturdiness, essential characteristics for products that undergo continuous and highly wearing use.

The activity of the Research and Development department of TLS is in constant ferment. Thanks to the support of specialized technical engineers, the company never stops designing models of centralized grease lubrication systems that are increasingly better-performing and cutting-edge in order to improve and facilitate the daily work of customers who rely on Tecno Lubri System. All new proposals from the Research and Development department have to undergo strict quality controls in order to verify compliance with the company’s standards.

Improve your company’s performance choosing TLS lubrication systems

Choosing TLS grease lubrication systems, you can improve the quality of the lubrication of your machinery even when it is operational and, consequently, it reduces its wear and maintenance needs. With TLS Tecno Lubri System you save time, work, and money both by protecting your workers from potentially dangerous situations and by minimizing breakdowns and thus avoiding the problem of downtime, one of the biggest enemies of industries all over the world. The automatic grease lubrication systems by TLS operate with a progressive greasing system: special standard dispensers supply the lubricating grease constantly and this makes the production process more efficient and safer. In addition, all TLS automatic greasing systems are equipped with extremely high precision distributors that allow the distribution of grease in a capillary manner throughout the machinery, even in the areas usually more difficult to reach.

Design, installation, and testing

At first, TLS Tecno Lubri System, the company of grease lubrication systems based near Milano,  plans a site visit to study the best strategy together with its customers in order to design and create greasing systems capable of responding exactly to their every need.

Then we move on to the manufacturing process of grease products for lubrication, followed step by step by teams of TLS experts from the design phase to the assembly phase. We also check each distributor mounted on the greasing systems and once the automatic greasing systems are completed, TLS technicians go to the company’s headquarters to set up the grease lubrication tools inside the machinery. Then we move on to the testing phase of the grease lubrication system in order to verify if it works according to our standards.

Operation of TLS grease lubrication systems

All greasing systems by TLS are designed and produced in-home in every component, such as pumps, distributors, pipes, and fittings. Moreover, TLS Tecno Lubri System guarantees the highest level of customization of the automatic lubrication systems, to ensure that every model is able to respond in the best way to the characteristics of the machinery to which it is associated and the relative operating context.

Pumps collect the grease from the container. The ones produced by the TLS Tecno Lubri System come in seven different variants, with several power engines; moreover, the capacity of the tank can be decided according to the customer’s technical needs and its use. These components are also equipped with both electronic and visual control systems that help to monitor the quantity of grease left in the machine and the line pressure.

Distributors, on the other hand, are needed to distribute the lubricant in a controlled manner. TLS distributors are among the most compact and flexible ones on the market that can be set up with different dosages and can be equipped with visual checks.

Lastly, fittings and pipes are fundamental for the correct operation of the system. TLS studies and designs those fittings and pipe that works at high pressure. We can provide products that are white galvanized, chromed, or nickel-plated and with ASTM certification.

TLS guarantees fast and complete assistance service throughout Italy

Tecno Lubri System, a manufacturer of grease lubrication systems in Milano, offers a fast and complete assistance service throughout Italy, thanks to excellent partnerships with specialized centres for automatic greasing based in all the national territory. The reliability of TLS is also demonstrated by its transparency policy and the quality of the repairs. Before the actual maintenance work, the technicians of TLS, a manufacturer of centralized grease lubrication systems in Milano, carry out a technical visit necessary to identify the damage, verify its reparability and figure out the best strategy to intervene. At the end of this preliminary step, our company presents an estimate and only after its acceptance, we will carry out the repair. In addition to this, TLS uses only original spare parts, perfectly compatible and covered by a 24-months warranty.

If you need more information or if you want to request an estimate, please contact the company by filling out the appropriate form on the website.