Lubrication plants for the wind energy sector from TLS

Wind energy is the kinetic energy produced by the wind through wind generators. Based on the rotation of their axis, we can split wind generators into two categories. There are horizontal axis generators, formed by a steel tower on top of which there is an electric generator driven by a long-bladed rotor, and vertical axis generators, much more resistant to strong gusts of wind due to the reduced amount of moving parts in their structure.

The wind sector is one of those areas in which automatic lubrication systems are widely used because the turbines used for the production of wind energy are subject to continuous mechanical stress that can cause wear and tear on the gears.

TLS produces the best lubrication systems for the wind energy sector

TLS Tecno Lubri System is an Italian company located in the outskirt of Milan that designs and produces automated lubrication systems, i.e. tools necessary for the automatic lubrication of moving components such as gears, bearings, bushings and pins. These elements generate friction with their movement, a factor that in the long run can cause severe damage to machinery, as well as considerable economic costs for the company, which is why it is essential to install centralized lubrication systems.

Automated centralized lubrication is much more efficient than manual lubrication and is necessary to improve the performance of the machinery and consequently to increase productivity. 

Proper lubrication improves the performances of a machine, guaranteeing it a longer life. Also, the use of lubrication systems reduces machine damage and downtime and helps to reduce costs for damage repair and spare parts.

Lubrication systems for the wind power industry manufactured by TLS are installed directly on the turbines to grease the gears continually. On the one hand, this solution reduces the risk of breakdowns and permanent damage to machinery and, on the other, improves the performance of the machines, which in turn can produce more wind energy.

TLS Tecno Lubri System’s top-quality lubrication systems for the wind energy sector

All our automatic lubrication systems for the wind energy sector are designed and manufactured directly by us in every component, from pumps to distributors to piping and fittings. We manufacture every part with quality materials, and our highly qualified staff takes care of the assembling process. TLS wind power lubrication system pumps are available in seven versions, each one designed to adapt to any operating environment perfectly. Our distributors are among the most compact and flexible on the market, and TLS fittings and hoses are designed to be used with low and high pressure.

The primary goal of TLS has always been to satisfy all the needs of our customers. For this reason, we guarantee a very high level of customization for our automated lubrication systems. That helps us to ensure that every single model can respond in the best possible way to the characteristics of the machinery to which it must be attached and those of its operating environment.

The excellent quality that distinguishes the TLS Tecno Lubri System automatic lubrication systems and the high professionalism of our company that produces the best lubrication systems for the wind power sector makes us a very renowned company all over the world. TLS is present not only in Italy but also in Europe and other countries around the globe such as Alaska, Australia, Canada, China, India, Hawaii Islands, Panama, Dominican Republic, South Africa and the USA. 

Moreover, the activity of TLS Tecno Lubri System’s Research and Development department never stops. Our specialized technical engineers never stop designing models new centralized lubrication systems, bettering the performances of the previous models, which were already high-performance lubrication system for the wind energy sector. All new offerings are always subjected to strict quality controls that verify their compliance with the company’s standards because, as we always stress, our primary goal is to improve and facilitate the daily work of all our customers.

Areas of application for TLS centralized greasing systems, manufacturer of lubrication systems for the wind power industry

All industrial equipment requires automated lubrication systems that allow it to work at full capacity, minimizing the risks of breakage. TLS produces overall top quality products. Therefore companies that work in different sectors, from wind energy production to agriculture, from automotive to naval, use them.

In the earthmoving machinery sector, companies use TLS automatic greasing systems because their machines undergo enormous strain and work under challenging circumstances. Without an excellent greasing system, the mechanical components of earthmoving machines could suffer irreparable damage in a short time.

Industrial plants make use of various types of machinery for the manufacture of products. TLS develops centralized lubrication systems specific to these industries. Over the years, our technicians developed a design that helps distribute the lubricating grease in every area of machinery, minimizing the risk of unforeseen failures that could cause machine downtime, which is a genuine problem especially for all those companies with a continuous production cycle.

For the automotive sector, TLS manufactures a wide range of types of automated lubrication systems that make the vehicle engine more efficient and resistant, contributing to the improvement of vehicle performance, increasing their safety level and reducing fuel consumption.

Also for agricultural machinery, TLS offers specific automatic greasing systems. Agricultural equipment is subject to factors such as soil composition, altitude and climatic factors that affect its performance if not properly lubricated hence the need for a specific lubrication system.

TLS also provides systems for companies operating in the naval sector to allow the proper operation of any vessel, from the smallest to the transatlantic liner, reducing the damage and problems that could arise due to lack of lubrication or insufficient lubrication of machine components.

Finally, our company also manufactures automated lubrication systems for the machinery of companies working in the ecological sector, all designed to ensure the optimal operation of this type of equipment used in this critical field.

For your wind energy company, choose the lubrication systems for the wind energy sector created by TLS Tecno Lubri System, the best on the national and international market.  

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