What is plant lubrication and what is it for

When we talk about plant lubrication, we refer to the greasing of the mechanical parts of a complex of industrial machineries, such as gears, motors or systems for the handling of a vehicle.

There are two main types of lubrication, manual and automatic. The first, more widespread in the past, required the manual application of grease in specific points of a machine by a specialized worker. The result was often inaccurate, due to difficulties in reaching the most hidden spots, and consequently ineffective.

Over the last fifty years, the industrial lubrication sector has improved a lot, developing technologies that can replace manual work and guarantee excellent results in every respect. Thanks to the new automatic lubrication systems, today it is possible to carry out the lubrication treatment of the plants quickly and effectively, guaranteeing the constant greasing of every part that needs it and in complete safety.

Guaranteeing excellent lubrication, the new automatic lubricators for the lubrication of the plants help to keep the machinery in excellent condition, reducing the risk of sudden failures and ordinary and extraordinary maintenance interventions exponentially. The grease cover that covers each mechanical component also allows the system to be kept at an optimal temperature, avoiding overheating, improving airtightness, maintaining a right level of cleanliness, protecting against corrosion and reducing annoying noise.

How the lubrication systems are structured

Lubrication systems consist of three main elements: a pump, a grease dosing system and a system of pipes and fittings. The first component, the pump, is surmounted by a tank containing the lubricant and is responsible for injecting grease into the dosing system. This element is responsible for sorting the right amount of lubricant to each area of the machinery. Thanks to a network of pipes, the grease reaches different areas of the system.

The activity is controlled by a computerized CNC system, which operators can set according to the specific requirements of the entire plant or machinery.

TLS Tecno Lubri System’s automatic lubricators

TLS Tecno Lubri System is one of the most renowned companies in the automatic greasing world. With a wide and varied range of products, the company is able to meet the needs of every kind of industrial plant.

All fully customizable, TLS’ automatic greasing systems respond precisely to every customer’s need. Customers can choose between different types of pumps, including the TP3 Industrial, explicitly designed for industrial machinery and fixed installations. This pumps has current between 110 and 400 Volts, uses single-phase or three-phase electric motors, and the TP5 Heavy Industrial, specific for heavy installations requiring a considerable amount of grease, but not only. The distribution systems are available in different displacements and the tubes, in Tekaflex or Rilsan, can be purchased in a low or high-pressure variant.

The company, based in the province of Milan, has been producing top quality automatic greasing systems for almost thirty years. We use only carefully selected materials to ensure maximum strength and durability and designed by a team of engineers and technicians to provide excellent performance and improve the performance of the systems in which they are installed.

Also, TLS Tecno Lubri System offers a rapid assistance service, important to minimize downtime and ensure continuity of work.

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